About Us

Fox Marine is a marine electronics company with one goal in mind - offering products that are functional, yet affordable.
The company was formed due to a desire to view engine data from a MEFI-3 ecm, namely fuel flow rate and accurate RPMs. If expensive dealership diagnostics scanners could retrieve operating data, why couldn't an affordable device be designed for your average boater with a better emphasis on functionality by displaying the data on your GPS/Multi-function Display and cell phone/tablet? It can. Fox Marine's NMEA 2000 (N2k) compatible Engine Gateways are plug and play capable with MEFI-1, MEFI-2, MEFI-3, MEFI-4, MEFI-5, MEFI-6 and ECM/PCM 555 ecms.
Future products will include a variety of engine gateways designed for other engines (gas and diesel) and various N2k compatible analog input devices for tank level, rudder position, etc.
We take pride in our efforts to work closely with other local Maryland small businesses for assistance with the design and assembly of our product's circuit boards and enclosures.
Local Maryland Marinas helped make our goals possible by providing the enthusiastic people who volunteered to test and validate some of the initial versions of our products. A special thanks goes to Tom Sassaman who helped with early product testing and the Charlestown Marina, where we currently keep our boat. 
Thank you for your support!