ECM-07-Serial Engine Gateway

ECM-07-Serial Engine Gateway

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The Fox Marine ECM-07-Serial Engine Gateway plugs in to the rectangular 6-pin diagnostic connector on the wiring harness of your ECM-07 Electronic Control Module. R116023 is a common part number found on a compatible ECM. Engine data is obtained and transmitted over your NMEA 2000 (N2k) compatible network so that it can be viewed on your N2k compatible GPS/Multi-function Display. Engine RPM is transmitted twice per second while the remaining data is transmitted once per second: Fuel Flow Rate, Coolant Temperature, Alternator/Battery Voltage, Engine Run Hours, Engine Load, and Oil Pressure.

Engine data is also transmitted over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to allow your phone/tablet to serve as the viewing medium for additional data and provides the function of an input device to manage settings. Data broadcasted over BLE is more extensive and is similar to what would be available to be seen on a dealership diagnostic scanner.

You can now Read and Erase Engine Fault/Trouble Codes using our Fox Marine iOS and Android App.

The Fox Marine App is available for download as an iOS App at Apple's App Store and as an Android App at Google's Play Store.

One gateway is required for each engine.

The Engine data cable attached to the gateway is 8.5 feet in length. The N2k connection is a standard male micro-c N2k compatible connector.

Product purchase includes: 1 ECM-07-Serial Engine Gateway, 4 stainless steel mounting screws (#10 x 3/4"), 4 zip ties (8").

Please view the FAQ page and download the Installation and Operating Instructions for additional information.

Products listed as NMEA 2000 or N2k compatible are neither registered nor certified by the National Marine Electronics Association. Claims of compatibility simply mean the products were designed to function on a CAN Bus operating at 250kbps and that data is organized in publicly available parameter group number formats allowing other N2k compatible devices and displays to interpret the data.

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